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Analytica software is available through our solution partners who are committed to assisting individuals and organizations make effective decisions. Our worldwide network of resellers will help you choose the solution that’s right for your application or project.

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syconomic is a boutique consulting firm specializing in building decision support models. We have more than 15 years of experience in financial modeling, corporate planning, risk modeling and analysis, and corporate treasury. Our clients are well-known German and European companies from various industries. Our models and tools are not focused on producing “numbers” but on gaining greater insight into what really drives profits, cash, value or whatever is of interest for the client.

Our greatest asset is our ability to turn the customer’s knowledge into models. Our agile modeling approach delivers visible, “touchable” results right from the start. Analytica’s influence diagrams allow us to discuss the logic of models graphically with clients. As a result, we spend much less time getting confirmation of a model's accuracy from clients and spend more time actually helping them think through their problems and solutions.

We wouldn't evangelize Analytica and act as Lumina's reseller in Europe if we hadn't used Analytica in so many challenging projects over the last 10+ years, and if we hadn't experienced so many happy, almost enthusiastic customers and Analytica users. Only our extensive expertise allows us to provide you with the best service around Analytica and its applications in financial modeling.

Location: Primarily Europe, but available globally
Languages: German, English

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Technology Partnerz is a management consulting and technology firm that provides reseller services, strategy, business analysis and organizational change management services for the rapid adoption of predictive analytics tools, practices and results within the organization.

Technology Partnerz  support its clients in improving decisions and business outcomes by providing business modeling, simulation/risk analysis, optimization and time-series forecasting in the areas of capital investment decisions, enterprise performance management and enterprise project management. Our certified consultants provide expertise throughout the predictive analytics adoption cycle. From needs assessments and opportunity identification to post-implementation support, Technology Partnerz provides a wide range of flexible technology and consulting solutions.

Location: Montreal, Canada
Phone: +1 (888) 879-8440
Languages: English and French

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Hulinks Inc. is a scientific & engineering software reseller in Tokyo, Japan. Our customers are universities, government research centers and corporate research centers.

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Languages: Japanese, English

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Since 1994, GMSL has offered technologically advanced solutions for Six Sigma, quality, scientific, technical, mathematical and industrial applications while providing training, advice, and complete customer care. Our focus is our customers’ needs – we can identify the most appropriate software solution, provide training, develop applications or proof of concept, and provide ongoing support.

Our areas of expertise include statistical data analysis, data analysis and visualization, signal processing, numeric and symbolic mathematics, mathematical modeling and simulation, statistical process control, quality control and laboratory data handling. Applications and solutions comprise design engineering, electronics engineering, mathematical and graphical data analysis, research and education.

We are very familiar with and have extensive knowledge of the Universities, the National Research Council and the R&D departments of the major companies in Italy. The markets we know very well are the following: Banks & Risk Management, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Automotive, Avionics, Educational, Military, Financial and Research Centres.

There is no other software like Analytica present on the market and we see the opportunity to introduce it to both small and major companies in the Italian market.

Location: Milan, Italy
Phone: +39 0331 587511
Languages: Italian and English

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Paragon Decision Science, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has over 20 years of experience in decision support technology, providing consulting services, and training and software for over 800 customers in Brazil and Latin America.

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: +55 (11) 4058-8888
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Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English

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Markamind provides consulting services and the application of agile decision tools to create greater clarity and commitment when making high-stake decisions.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
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4am Software represents some of the world’s leading organizations to provide state-of-the-art products, solutions and services in Australia and New Zealand regions. Our speciality is statistical, analytical, decision support, mathematical, engineering, and scientific software.

The management team at 4am Software have been involved in the IT industry for over 2 decades with specialization and vast experience in areas such as Scientific & Engineering, Business and Enterprise, Environmental, Banking and Financial software and solutions. It’s our quest to guide and support organizations seeking solutions within tight schedules and budgets while being mindful of the environment.

"Decision support system software and advanced analytical product line from Lumina Decision Systems, Inc provides us the opportunity to value add to our existing clientele, and the possibility to open new market segments." – Clifford Snell, Director

Location: Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +61 3 8610 6683
Languages: English

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L.K. Quality Bt., located in Budapest, Hungary, provides its clients with assistance in choosing quality courses and evaluating software alternatives in the field of mathematical statistics. In today's dynamic business world, companies make strategic investments to reach and retain their advantage over their competitors. By introducing new presentation methods and making software recommendations, our goal is to simplify the everyday work of our clients.

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Phone: +36 1 262 0412
Languages: Hungarian, English

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Have you ever been confused when making decisions? Lightive is a corporate knowledge-management and decision-service provider that can help you get out of the maze. Our solutions enable your business processes to be supported by knowledge-enabled decisions. 
Let us assist you in building your roadmap and growth strategy.

Location: Hong Kong SAR, China
Phone: +852 2603 3281
Languages: Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), English

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