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Analytica product line

Analytica is a visual tool for creating, analyzing, and communicating decision models. If you use spreadsheets for building business models or policy analysis, you will find Analytica a revelation.

  • Intuitive influence diagrams let you create a model the way you think, and communicate clearly with colleagues and clients;
  • Intelligent Arrays let you create and manage multidimensional tables with an ease and reliability unknown in spreadsheets;
  • Efficient Monte Carlo simulation lets you quickly evaluate risk and uncertainty, and find out what variables really matter and why.

But don't take our word for it. Look at what users and reviewers say about Analytica. See case studies of applications. Then try it yourself at no cost using the Analytica Free 101 edition.

Compare editions of Analytica to find the one that suits you best. See below to order Analytica, extend support, and review additional products.

Analytica Editions

The Analytica product line includes a range of Editions to suit the full range of model builders and end users. Compare editions to see which best suits your needs.

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Analytica Optimizer

The Analytica Optimizer contains all Enterprise features and finds optimal decision strategies with Analytica models. Use LP, NLP and QP optimization methods.

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Analytica Cloud Player (ACP)

The Analytica Cloud Player or ACP lets people review and run models via a web browser. It lets you easily share models without having to download or install any software (except for...

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Cubeplan brings a new agility and clarity to planning.  Most large businesses develop plans using a set of spreadsheets. Revising a plan requires complex coordination

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Analytica for Education

Analytica is a ideal tool for learning how to create and use quantitative decision models.

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Corporate Licensing

Organizations with multiple Analytica users can use the Reprise License Manager to track and manage licenses. RLP supports Floating licenses and Roaming off-network.

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Capacity Planning Tools

Lumina capacity planning tools are built using Analytica. This makes the tools highly flexible and easy-to-customize to meet the needs of specific applications. They represent...

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Buy Analytica

Use this form to order Analytica licenses, upgrades, training and consulting. Analytica is available in several editions with features to suit different applications.

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Upgrade Analytica

Order version upgrades to Analytica 4.6 from Analytica 4.6 or earlier.

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Renew Support

To renew or extend your support, enter the information below to identify your existing Analytica or ADE license. After your license is located in our database, you will be able to

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